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old bones :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 7 2
You're walking down a road that's unusually quiet
There's nothing outside, save you and the judgmental, blank faces of buildings
You wonder what it's like– to have a loving family and fire and joy
You wonder what it's like– inside the walls of the buildings that strangers call home
Although you aren't homeless, you figure that you might as well be
The place you call home is built on distrustful grounds
(This ground boils in rage and freezes in place from the sighs of its inhabitants)
And yes, the place you call home has walls of thin paper
(Be careful, don't get angry; you'll burn us all down!)
You'd like to say that you are loved, but these walls–
These walls have volumes of memories that you read studiously every day
The same naive mistakes and ghostly trances you try so hard to get past,
They linger around like smoke in your mind, reflecting off mirrors
Until the original image is unnaturally distorted and you forget what you thought you knew
:iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 3 0
If I am the sky, then you are the sea
There's a tangled constellation hidden in me
Your waves distort what's false from what's true
While my clouds conceal feelings that read blue
They weep and they rain into the lands of pain
The lands that are tormented by silenced screams of the slain
But you- yes, you- continue to hum along
To the ancient song of cleansing bells
You're the ancient healer to those bound to hell
Be it spell or curse that drives a man mad;
Be it hell or hearse that wrings the hearts of the sad
You're blind to them all as you continue to sing
Over the silenced screams with your bell that rings
And echoes over the lands of pain; echoes over the fallen, the slain
For I am the sky, and you- the sea
Your waves may cleanse, but the salt surely stings
You compare yourself to holy water,
Averting your eyes to the definition of slaughter
Although, I know, you'll continue your hymn while they continue to sin,
And I'll continue to smile and act like nothing's wrong
But we both k
:iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 3 3
AT: fancy punch :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 8 2 media :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 2 0 error :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 6 0 glitch :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 4 0 serene :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 5 0 sick :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 9 1 OFF :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 4 5 Hydeing :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 11 6 AT: Simmi :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 3 2 who we are :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 5 0
   I tried to come up with pretty words to explain what I feel, but pretty never equates to truth. My mind is a monster built on the broken frame of what once was. I'll paint these monsters to fit a mental frame but they'll never be pretty. No. Sadness is not tragically beautiful or hauntingly romantic, it is the sound of spiders scurrying into your ears and nail on chalkboard whispers in the dead of night.
   I wander streets on lonely nights not caring what might happen. Neurotic but set in meeting death on those same streets. If I find him I'll ask him if he's as lonely as me. Try to carry a conversation on shattered curbs as he fires his gun. "Thank you" I would think if I was still able to process thought. And down with cigarette ashes I'd fall– ashes, ashes we all fall down. However, you must note that this is just a fantasy derived from the mind of a guy who wants to die but is too much of a coward to do so himself.
   I'm a part time a
:iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 6 2
toxic :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 8 2 2 / 13 / 17 :iconstaticairwaves:StaticAirwaves 9 4


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S. A. L.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
male // 18 // INTJ

My name is Sebastian, but feel free to call me whatever you want.

Don't be afraid to note me if you'd like to talk or have any questions!

Other than what I've said here, I'd rather let my artwork and actions speak for me.

Have a nice day.


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